A Bari il bike sharing si chiama Barinbici

Environment-friendly, efficient and fast Cycling is the most attractive alternative to cars and buses to get around the city traffic of Bari. 

In Italy, it is interesting to remember, 40% of people travels daily distances of less than 2 km and the 90% less than 10. 
The city government of the Apulian town has always been interested in sustainable mobility and therefore has developed a number of initiatives to promote the use of bicycles. Among them a special place occupies the city bike sharing service. Bike sharing in Bari is called Barinbici and, since September 2007, offers its inhabitants an automatic bike rental service thanks to cyclostations placed in various areas. 
The service ,wanted by the City Province, is managed by AMTAB. 
Those arriving in the city by train or by bus and wanting to reach their predetermined destination by bike can do so by leaving their car home or in an interchange parking.

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Where are the Bikesharing points in Bari?

Currently there are twenty-one stations on the city territory with different numbers of seats, in detail:

1-Railway Station, Piazza Moro (20 seats); 
2-Court, Piazza Enrico De Nicola (10 seats); 
3-Prefecture, Freedom P.zza (10 workstations); 
4-Polytechnic, Via Orabona (10 seats); 
5- Park & ​​Ride "C", Largo June 2 (10 seats); 
6-Policlinico, Piazza Giulio Cesare (10 workstations); 
7-Chamber of Commerce, C.so Cavour (10 seats); 
8-Stopover Rossani Area, C.so benedetto Croce (10 seats); 
9-Piazzetta dei Papi (10 workstations); 
10-Park & ​​Ride "A" side of the Earth; C.so Vittorio Veneto (10 workstations); 
11-University University, Piazza Umberto (10 workstations); 
12-Old Town, Piazza Massari (10 seats); 
13-Faculty of Agriculture, Via Amendola (10 workstations); 
14-Faculty of Economics, Via Camillo Rosalba (10 seats); 
15-Russian Church (10 seats); 
16-Via Tommaso Fiore - Necropolis (10 seats); 
17-police headquarters - Via Aquilino (10 seats); 
18-Piazza Risorgimento (10 workstations); 
19-Park & ​​Ride "B"; Corso Trieste (10 workstations); 
20-Park & ​​Ride "A" side Sea; Corso Vittorio Veneto (10 seats); 
21-Secretary-Polytechnic Via Amendola (10 seats). 
The annual subscription costs € 10.00, 5.00 for those with an annual subscription to public transport

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