Bio and KM0 Markets in Italy

The Spread of Bio markets in Italy

The presence of Km zero markets in Italy is increasingly widespread, expecially in those areas with a strong agricultural production, but also in others characterized by some particular products tied to a specific culinary tadition or to the abundance of fruits and vegetables.

In the last 2015, the eco-friendly field registered an increase of about 91%, especially in the wine sector. It is followed by the increase of 28% in cereals, +21% vegetables, +14% fruits. It is also noticeable that the South of Italy, now, is paying attention to the eco friendly areas, completely
neglected so far.

In Italy there are a lot of collective/business shops. The direct selling can be connected to the law 296/06 and to D.lgs. 273/98: it is written that every salesmen can sell 51% of their product and 49% of products bought from others. A very interesting option to buy food caming from our own
soil is the “e-shop”. It's very easy,you just have to fill in the order on the shop that you love and
wait for the products to arrive....Easy, isn't it?

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