Car Sharing in Paris

Cars and pollution: how to solve the problem.

Despite of all these comforts, it's unavoidable that in a city big as Paris is, the number of car is very high and the nightmare of pollution is over everyone of us, so the major Anne Hidalgo, from the beginning of her mandate, had tried to turn the city in green and to lower the CO2 emissions.

Thanks to Autolib' the phenomenon of car sharing is spread in every cities. 

Autolib provides a service of 100% electric cars rental and allows to travel, with more of 3000 vehicles on 1200 stations, in the Ile de France . You have different ways of subscribing to this service, from an annual to a daily formula. Costs vary apiece of different needs, the annual formula costs about 120 € plus 5,5 € for every half hour of car implementing. For the monthly subscription the cost is about 25 €  plus 6,5 € for every half hour of leasing, and the daily fee is 10 € plus 7 € for every half hour of leasing. These subscriptions are non-transferable, instead of the forfait portagé 8H that it is, and provides a two months utilization at 100€ for 8 houres of shared use.

You can find Autolib stations everywhere in the city ( and in other 46 towns nearby) and it's possible to find them by registering on the website and including the preferred destination.

Wheeliz is more recent, and it's a similar service without boundries created by Charlotte de Vilmorin, a twentyfour-year-old who start a leasing car platform thought for those who have disabilities or need for well equiped cars. This project is a reality composed by 120 vehicles and more than 1000 members.

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