Scooter Sharing: the new revolution of shared transport

In Rome users have choices, with two companies in rapid growth. The first one is eCooltra, which has been offering a fleet of 250 free-flow electric scooters since the summer of 2017.  The service, already common in Barcelona and Lisbon, works in a way close to the most popular cars, and has also a service of exchange personnel, who replace the batteries when the vehicle is not in use.

Same operating principle for the fleet of Zig Zag, which currently has 200 vehicles but aims at a total of 400 and want to expand in other cities.

In the Capital a group of young people is developing the 2Hire startup, which will provide a small fleet of 100% electric scooters. No ignition key will be necessary, because you will be able to do everything from booking to start-up with your smartphone.

Shared electric transport, which integrates rather than replaces family transport, represents the new concept of individual mobility and environmental sustainability; thanks to these features you can protect both your right to move and the environment.

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